In light of the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, Mosquito Marshals has gained access to Nisus DSV (Disinfectant/Sanitizer/Virucide) from our manufacturing partner. Nisus DSV is a concentrated disinfectant, cleaner, mildewstat, fungicide and sanitizer. It kills a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Nisus DSV has been used for years to battle coronaviruses on surfaces and is on the EPA’s List N for products deemed effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. With years of use in environments such as businesses, hospitals and schools, Nisus DSV is a safe choice for disinfecting your environment and lowering the risk of coronavirus spread.

Mosquito Marshals technicians are trained in the proper mixing and application of Nisus DSV and are available to apply it at your home or business. Due to availability and licensing, this service is not yet offered at all of our locations. Please contact your local Mosquito Marshals office today to inquire about disinfectant services in your area.