How to Keep Your Pool Mosquito Free

With Summer either here or fast approaching, it’s time to get outside and start enjoying our pools and spas! 

Unfortunately, with the weather that makes us want to enjoy the water comes the ideal warm and humid conditions that increase mosquito activity.  In these times, mosquitoes lay more eggs and those eggs hatch faster.  A female mosquito can lay up to 3,000 eggs in her lifetime and grows from egg to maturity in only one week!

Itching already?  Luckily, a well maintained pool is unsuited to become a mosquito breeding ground.  Mosquitos need still or stagnant water, calm enough for their eggs to be layered across the surface of the water.  A pool with an operational pump and a skimmer provides more than enough circulation and movement to prevent eggs being laid.  The chlorine and other sanitizing agents further prevent eggs from hatching.  There are other dangers though.

Think of the water that does not quite manage to stay in your pool, and consider the following:

Pool Covers
Wet Towels
Puddles Around the Pool

All of the above can be a haven for mosquitos, even overnight!  Take care not to leave areas of standing water around your pool.

If you have any problems, you can always contact us here at Mosquito Marshals for a free consultation or simply schedule a spray and have your mosquito worries fade away.