Dump standing water to keep your yard mosquito-free

Did you know that mosquitoes can breed in as little as a bottle cap full of water? One of the best ways to eliminate mosquitoes is to eliminate the standing water that larvae need to develop. 

Keep your yard mosquito free

After anything from a few days of rainfall to overwatering your lawn, water can accumulate making your yard a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Keep your yard mosquito-free by following this simple battle plan.

Check these 9 spots weekly and dump any standing water to keep your yard mosquito-free:

  1. Trash cans – Make sure trash cans are closed and lids aren’t flipped upside down
  2. Leaky hoses – Repair any leaky faucets or hoses
  3. Grill cover –  Check that water isn’t gathering on top of the grill cover
  4. Dog bowls – Keep pet bowls full of fresh water
  5. Kiddie pools – Don’t let water sit for long periods of time
  6. Toy buckets – check buckets and twos for water
  7. Tires – Drill holes in tire swings to allow water to drain
  8. Flower pots – Remove stagnant water from flower pots
  9. Birdbaths – Change water frequently

Other spots where mosquitoes larvae thrive:

Other objects of concern are pool covers, shovels, construction materials, containers in recycling bins, bottle caps, pickup truck beds, boats and boat covers, gutters, and drains.

Mosquito bites aren’t just annoying, they can also transmit serious diseases, like West Nile, Zika and heartworms.

Americans tend to be less aware of the deadly role of mosquitoes because of many different factors. Still, on average, over 1,000 Americans experience serious illness or death as a result of a mosquito bite every year. 

Learn more about the deadly role of mosquitoes from the CDC.

Make sure you take the time and dump any standing water to stop mosquitoes before they start.

The easiest way to keep your yard mosquito-free is to call Mosquito Marshals.

Let Mosquito Marshals use our highly effective blend of ingredients to give you an enjoyable mosquito-free environment.

We use an integrated pest management system to identify and reduce the mosquito habitat, eliminate larvae, and kill the adult mosquito. 

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