Who We Are


We Are the Marshals

Founded in 2014, Mosquito Marshals mission is to provide a service to allow our customers to enjoy their outdoor spaces free of mosquitos, fleas, ticks, and other unwanted pests. We love to protect our customers and want to share a little bit more about who we are.

Headquartered in Mississippi, our corporate office is home to an amazing team that works tirelessly to ensure Mosquito Marshals customers and franchisees get the unparalleled service and support they deserve.

Mosquito Marshals began franchise operations in January 2019 and already has 11 franchise locations! These franchisees are what make this company great. Our franchisees are the front line of defense against controlling mosquitoes for homes and businesses and provide excellent customer service. We are always excited to add more Marshals to the family, so if you’re interested let us know. You could be the next savior of the neighborhood!


Keeping Customers Bite Free

It is our top priority to keep our customers bite free by providing the best mosquito control services in the industry. Our treatments can protect your home or business from mosquitoes as well as fleas and ticks. We are here to let our customers and their families enjoy living outside. Explore our services to see all the ways that Mosquito Marshals can serve your outdoor pest and mosquito needs.

mosquito-borne illness prevention

Mosquito Marshals not only loves eliminating mosquitoes, we also love building awareness and supporting the prevention of mosquito-borne illness by giving back to the community. As a company, we sponsored a trip to Honduras in 2019 to help mitigate the Dengue out break! We encourage all of our franchisees to be philanthropic with their labor and money in their local communities. We are a community company and we take it seriously!

mosquito-borne illness prevention

We at Mosquito Marshals use an integrated pest management system to identify and reduce the mosquito habitat, eliminate larvae and kill the adult mosquito. It is the use of this system that will give you an enjoyable mosquito-free environment.

Thank you for being a customer

We appreciate you, and we hope you will like us! We will work tirelessly to win you over at Mosquito Marshals! Stay in touch with us, and find us on your favorite social media channels. Tell us what you love doing outside and share photos of your mosquito free yard with family and friends.


Below you will find credible information on our incredible board of advisors! We pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible, and to do so, we gather knowledge from those who possess it! Mosquito Marshals has the privilege of being advised by the president of the Mosquito Illness Alliance as well as a top PHD entomologist in the field of mosquitoes and vector borne disease abatement. Not many mosquito control companies can say this!

Wendy Varnado

Wendy obtained her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology from the University of Southern Mississippi. She then earned her master’s degree in Entomology from Nebraska, followed by her PhD in Entomology from Mississippi State University. She is a respected entomologist whose work on mosquitoes and the diseases they carry helps to protect countless communities and cities across Mississippi. Wendy serves as an advisor to the board and assists our team in accomplishing our mission: bringing the best product to our customer and in turn meets their satisfaction. We are grateful to have her years of experience and research to ensure we are successful! Although mosquito abatement is our ultimate goal, being up to date and informed on mosquito borne illnesses is important to our customers’ safety. Wendy has served as a field technician, field researcher, entomologist (including lead entomologist) in Mississippi. She is extremely passionate about safeguarding people against mosquitoes. Wendy’s expertise and dedication, which is second to none, are why we are so proud to have her advise the Mosquito Marshals team.

Sharon Sims

Sharon is a key participant in the DEET Education Program’s Outreach for Community and Special Audience Education on vector-borne diseases and their prevention. She founded and serves as President of the non-profit Mosquito Illness Alliance. The Mosquito Illness Alliance is a 501c3 organization doing important work in community education, research and support for patients who contracted, and are living with West Nile Virus. She previously worked at the Mississippi State Department of Health, where she initiated the first West Nile virus support group in the nation in 2003. These support group meetings have continued through a webinar held at Methodist Rehabilitation Center in Jackson, MS and The LiveWell Center in Hattiesburg, MS. She also consults with Clarke Mosquito Control as a health educator in AL, AR and MS. As part of her many activities, Sharon developed the West Nile Virus Children’s Education campaign that has reached more than 42,000 children in Mississippi. She sits on the advisory committee for the American Mosquito Control Association’s “I’m One” campaign and serves on the Board of Directors for the Mississippi Mosquito and Vector Control Association. She is a member of the Alabama Vector Control Society, and the Louisiana Mosquito and Vector Control Association. She holds numerous certifications including Master Vector-Borne Disease Management (CDC) and Integrated Mosquito Management (AMCA). We are thrilled to have Sharon on board!

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