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We at Mosquito Marshals are more than just a company that offers mosquito and outdoor pest control services. While we love to protect our customers from mosquitoes, fleas and ticks; we want to share more with you about who we are.

We are headquartered in Mississippi. Our corporate office is home to an amazing team that works tirelessly to ensure Mosquito Marshals customers and franchisees get the unparalleled service and support they deserve

Mosquito Marshals began franchise operations in January 2019 and already has 11 franchise locations! These franchisees are what make this company great. Our franchisees are the front line of defense against controlling mosquitoes for homes and businesses and provide excellent customer service! We are always excited to add more Marshals to the family, so if you’re interested let us know. You could be the next savior of the neighborhood!

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Our Story

Chase Walden wasn’t your average exterminator. Sure, he could wield a can of Raid with the best of them, his flick of the wrist sending a plume of death towards a hapless roach with practiced ease. But Chase craved a more strategic challenge, a war not just against the creepy crawlies, but against the very idea of pest-infested living. That’s why he founded Mosquito Marshals of Acworth, a pest control company known less for its chemical warfare and more for its cunning counter-insurgency tactics.

Think Sun Tzu with a spatula, Clausewitz armed with a caulk gun. Chase studied the enemy, the ants, the termites, the battalions of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. He mapped their weaknesses, their preferred invasion routes, their vulnerable breeding grounds. Then, with the precision of a medieval siege engineer, he’d deploy his arsenal: traps disguised as tiny castles, moats of diatomaceous earth, and the pièce de résistance – his homemade concoction of essential oils and herbs, a fragrant fog that sent the pests fleeing in olfactory terror. His clients, weary of chemical cocktails and ineffective sprays, hailed him as a hero, the Pied Piper of Acworth, leading the vermin away from their precious patios and pristine pools. Chase, with his easy drawl and twinkle in his eye, just grinned and muttered something about knowing your enemy. In the sweltering Georgia summer, under the relentless buzz of a mosquito horde, Chase Walden wasn’t just an exterminator, he was the Thermopylae of backyards, the Agincourt of attics, the ultimate defender of Acworth’s domestic tranquility

Unlimited Sprays Billed Monthly (PREMIUM)

At a discounted monthly rate, you’ll get automatic service every 21 days with unlimited sprays in between. This PREMIUM service option uses a new, highly advanced technology, the In2Care® Mosquito Trap, that kills even the chemically-resistant, hard-to-kill Aedes mosquito.

PLUS, using our NEW, INNOVATIVE technique, we will treat the outside of your home for even more pests, stopping them before they get inside your home. What does that mean? It means NO CONTACT interior pest control, no tech inside, no need for you to be home when we spray.


A full exterior spray that fully guaranties your property against mosquitos, fleas, and ticks.  Pay a monthly rate, and we will come out every 21 days for a treatment. Call us as many times in between as you need. This product is engineered to be even more friendly to the environment than our standard spray.


A single application of our service by appointment and still receive the Mosquito Marshals guarantee.

marshal’s MOSQUITO flea and tick protection: Full Season Annual Payment

Hire the Marshals for an entire year and save 10%.  Treatment every 21 days or as requested.

Commercial & Special Events

For special events, large yards or other areas that need to be sprayed, please contact us for a free consultation.

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If you have pests, the Marshals can help.  Get in touch with us today to learn how.

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