Ten Ways to Enjoy the Final Days of Summer


Labor Day has come and gone and you might be sitting there wondering where did your summer go? Don’t worry. Just because summer is coming to an end, doesn’t mean the fun has to. While some kids are back in school and others are learning at home, you can still take advantage of the warm […]

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Coronavirus – Surface Disenfecting

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, Mosquito Marshals has gained access to Nisus DSV (Disinfectant/Sanitizer/Virucide) from our manufacturing partner. Nisus DSV is a concentrated disinfectant, cleaner, mildewstat, fungicide and sanitizer. It kills a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Nisus DSV has been used for years to battle coronaviruses on surfaces […]

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Bugs & Diseases

Mosquito bites are more than just an annoying itch. Mosquitoes transmit viruses and parasites from other animals to humans, the itchy bump from a bite is just a nuisance — the real concern is what the mosquito injects into your blood stream.

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